Mar 27, 2007

So many words

Jenna and Claire are both in a funny "word" stage. Claire's into the "poo-poo/pee-pee/boobie/butt" stage, and Jenna is gravitating toward the "i'm-going-to-make-up-weird-names-and-keep-saying-different-stuff-until-I-make-you-grimace" stage.

Example: Clairey likes to yell "weiner" at the top of her lungs. She likes to call people "weiners," and she likes to point out that all things male have weiners. She loves to tell people that she has two new stepbrothers, and you know why they're boys? Because they have weiners. And all boys have weiners. It's like a bad scene out of Kindergarten Cop. I have told her that yelling "Weiner!!" in a crowded grocery store is not acceptable, and she tells me, "Yes, but I can say 'hot-dog weiner.'" --sigh-- So now, I get, "*hot-dog* [whispered] WEINER!!! [yelled]" or, "I love hot-dog weiners. I just love weiners." It very much reminds me of the "I love balls" phase that Jenna went through--I'll have to find that post and link to it.

Jenna, on the other hand, is just making up stuff. I'm sure you remember her offering me the "SuperCock" house wine. That was just the beginning. I was doing laundry yesterday, and overheard her having a conversation between her two "FurReal" friends (little slightly-animatronic animals that are kind of creepy). It was being carried out by a puppy and a kitten, and it went something like this:

kitten: "I love Puppy!"
puppy: "I love Pussy!"
kitten: "Mommy cat, I love Puppy. He is my best friend."
puppy: "Mommy cat, I love Pussy. She is my best friend."

Meanwhile, I'm stuffing dirty socks in my ears to shield myself from this. I simply told her that "pussy" isn't really a good word for a cat. "But I like 'pussy'," she says.

That's alright, her dad told me that this weekend, Pussy was calling Puppy "Sugarnuts."

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karen h said...

That's hilarious. I just found your blog...haven't talked to you in years. I'll email you.