Aug 16, 2006


"Steph-throat": The title given to me by a co-worker who thought it was a funny play on words of "strep-throat." Which I have. Which my wee chick had last week. Which is not fun. Which hurts, even though I am of the tonsil-less variety. So for all of you that HAVE tonsils, and have strep throat, I'm sorry--I feel for you, I really do.

We (chicks and i) were supposed to go to DWJSD's house yesterday night, which we could not, because I could barely talk. And seriously, what's the point of going to your best friend's house if you can't even utter "More margarita's please"? I mean, what a waste of time THAT would be. Oh yea, and I didn't want to get her kids sick. So, instead of our lovely "Breakfast-for-Dinner" that we had planned, I stayed home and cooked a chicken. Yes, I felt like crap and still prepared dinner. Give me a frickin trophy or something. And it wasn't mac-and-cheese, it was a chicken! And rice! And a vegetable!! A well-rounded meal! I'm so self-sacrificing.

So, here I am, on Day 3 of "the sickness." I wish it would just go away.


LosingSanity said...

Oh, how I sympathize. I had a bout of strep when my oldest was still in diapers. I'd finish one round of antibiotics, be OK for a day or so, then it would start all over again. Turns out that the horrible diaper rash my kid had was really a strep infection, and I kept getting reinfected from changing diapers. It was almost 3 months before the doctors figured out why I couldn't get better. By then I was at the point where my throat was actually bleeding, and my kid's ass rash looked like he'd been set on fire. It wasn't til he was treated that my strep finally went away.

TFE said...

Don't know why, but this reminds me of my elementry days of being called "Chad wears Plaid". For those who have children named Chad or Brad: Don't let your children wear plaid shirts on school picture day!