Aug 23, 2006


The other day, me and the chicks were taking a bubble-bath. Jenna looked at me, and asked, "Mom? Why are your boobs 'hangy'?" Now you see, she usually would say, "Mom? Those breasts of yours, those beautiful breasts that sustained me for the first year of my life..." and then lead up with a question, but alas, she must have been sleepy. So anyways, she asked why they were hangy. 'Hangy'. Now THAT'S an adjective that you want attached to your boobs. Jeesh. So, naturally, I ignored that she said they were hangy, and switched the adjective to 'bigger than mine' and answered THAT question.

Me: "My boobies are bigger than yours because I'm a grown-up."
J: "Oh. Will I get boobies when I'm a grown-up?"
Me: "Yes, yes you will."
C: "Will my get boobies?"
Me: "Since you're also from my loins, yes. Actually, you'll get boobies when you're a teenager."
C: (looking down at her 'baby-fat boobs') "MY a teenager!"

Nice how that logic works. hahahahaha.

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Conan59er said...

So many things to say here, but doesn't need to be said...

This reminds me of Loo's proclaimation that "I want big boobies like mommy". Funny, but so NOT funny at the same time.