Dec 5, 2005

Sibling stories--Christmas (part I)

We were super-sleuths. The superest kind of super-sleuths. We knew all their tricks. We knew all the hiding places. We knew how to spring all the booby-traps. It was the week before Christmas, and we were going in.

"Where do you think they are?"
"In the closet."
"Yeah, bedroom closest. Top shelf."
"How do you know?"
"Mom wouldn't let me go in there to get her sweater the other day."

The three of us huddled in front of mom and dad's closet--scoping out the scene: No lock on the door, no scotch tape "barrier" at the top of the door, no noticeable string in the jamb. Dammit. They got sneaky this year.

We sat for a moment, staring at the door as if it were some kind of monolith.

"I'm going in."

I turned the doorknob slowly. Steadily. We all held our breath, listening for anything out of the ordinary. Open, open, open...and then we heard it. The soft thud of something hitting the carpet.

"What was that?! What was that?!"
"There was a thud! There was a thud!"
"Search! Search!"

The three of us frantically began to scan the carpeted floor. I believe Shannon found it: a penny. A 1984, tarnished, penny. She picked it up and held it in her hand. Abe was mocking us. That bastard. Oh, we were strong. No dead president was going to hold US down. No way. We pulled open the closet door, and began to eyeball the door jamb--looking for any type of indention, marking--anything that would let us know a penny had been nesting there. Hallelujah! There it was: a circular indentation. Shawn picked up the penny and held it to the dent--it matched. Excellent. Our plan was coming to fruition...

We walked into the closet, and looked up. Ding ding. Jackpot. The "Santa Stash" had been found. The top shelf of the closet was littered with gifts: Barbies, clothes boxes, and...a NINTENDO. We scoped out the booty from the floor--careful not to touch anything. After taking detailed mental notes, we reset the trap and returned to our conference room upstairs to discuss the treasures we had witnessed.

To be continued...


Sara said...

LOL. I remember one year I took my little brother around and showed him all the Xmas gifts my mom had hidden. Then, to thank me, he TOLD her! I got into so much trouble! Sounds like you guys did much far.

Lisa said...

lol--the suspense is killing me. C'mon part II!

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

funny stuff .... more, more!

Amy said...

Welcome back! I love the Stewbie kid stories . . . they always make me laugh!

Cheryl said...

ROFL! When my bro and I were growing up, the rule was that if gifts were discoverred, the intended recipient didn't get them. I don't know HOW she knew I found stuff, but I didn't get it that year. She was psychic!!