Jun 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

My Mr. Wisdom,

Today is Father's Day, a ridiculous, Hallmark holiday of sorts, that neither one of us deem important. However, because it IS Father's Day, I'm going to use this opportunity to tell you a few things that I do not tell you on a daily basis, but that I think often:

You are amazing. I love you with every inch of my soul. You are a crazy-brilliant father to these babies, and we are blessed to have you. You came into this relationship/marriage as a 'boy' dad. You didn't have little girls of your own, and when we married, the chicks were 3 and 5--just babies. You didn't hesitate at all--you jumped right in and became a dad to them. Over the past 9 years, you have wiped away tears; brushed long, tangled hair; played 'Cinderella dress-up' (complete with jewelry and crown); and listened copious amounts of Broadway showtunes--all things you probably thought you'd never have to do in your life.

But I'm so glad you did.

You work fulltime, then often come home and head either right up to the gym, or right up to the theatre. You spend your 'extra' time building set pieces for a show, listening to one of them rehearse lines/music, watching 'my beam routine' one. more. time.

You support Jenna with her Cheetah Conservation cause like no other. You tell her, repeatedly, how proud you are of her and what she's doing. You'll tell anyone who will listen how smart she is, what an amazing kid she is, and how she's going to follow her dreams. You steadfastly listen to her discuss, in animated detail, whatever her passion is of the moment. For nearly 3 years, you would sit and open your ears to whatever Monster High discussion she was having with you at the moment. You created a place in her room where she could display all her dolls, and sit quietly and draw. You've spent countless hours creating costume props for her; making them perfect down to every last detail. 

You'll sit with her at the piano and work on music with her; you'll learn music that she likes, just so you can play your guitar and she can sing along. You do more for her soul than anyone in this world. And when I tuck her in at night, and we talk about her day, when she says, "WeWe watched 'Heroes of Cosplay' with me, and we talked about 'How to Train Your Dragon' and ComiCon--he is the BEST. DAD. EVER." my heart melts because you ARE the best dad ever.

That little Munch of ours is a handful, and she's needy, and she requires attention--none of which make you balk. She spends a great deal of time on your lap--granted, she's often trying to show you how she can put you in a headlock...but you taught her that, so you can't complain. That little one adores you, and you know it. You're a sucker. At any gymnastics meet, you're the dad yelling the loudest: "Go CLAIREYBEAR!!" or "Let's go MUNCH!!" You are her biggest fan.

You calm the 'too tired' meltdowns with snuggles and kisses, and you allow her to sleep on our floor more than you should (Yeah, I do, too). You watch a million renditions of new floor routines that she makes up to 80s rock, and even more 'shows' that she puts on in the backyard. These are all reasons why, when she's gone for a week at camp, the first thing she says when we get in the car is, "Let's hurry up and get home. I miss WeWe." She loves your hugs, she loves that she can climb into your lap, and she loves that you will pick her up and snuggle her.

The girls are so very lucky to have you. You are the kind of man that I want them to marry. You show them every day, through your actions, how a husband should treat a wife--and I will forever be thankful for that. They will expect no less than a husband who treats them with adoration and thankfulness, never raises his voice to them, and is full of affection. Thank you for being that model of a man to them. 

Thank you for being the kind of daddy that will hold their hand--no matter how old they are.