Nov 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Oh, what a lovely Halloween weekend it was!

Friday night: Halloween party at Clairey's gym. All the girls teams were there, dressed up, and learning the dance to "Thriller." FUN! And free pizza, since one of their level 4 girls won districts.

Saturday morning: Met up with the ex and his wife at the pumpkin patch. It's always fun having all the kids together! My girls, my stepsons, and my bonus babies (the girls' two half-brothers). Such a great time! After the patch, we all went to Buffalo Wild Wings for some lunch.

My girls and bonus babies

The girls and their stepbrothers

How lucky are we to have such an amazing family?!

Sunday: Church, church festival, and trick-or-treating! Gamma stopped by to take the girls, and SMM and I sat on the porch with beverages and handed out candy. Great night!

 Clairey, the mean pirate!

Behold Jenna--the Ninja Cat!

Today: Two little girls who did NOT want to wake up this morning! And TONS of candy!!