Feb 18, 2010

Special kisses

The girls and I each have special kisses that we do when they go to bed. They both start out the same way: with two kisses. Then they divert from each other.

Jenna: *kiss* *kiss* "woo! woo!" --then make claws with your hands and growl.

Yes, I know. The kid STILL loves "the four big cats."

Clairey's, however, has always just been *kis* *kiss* "woo! woo!" That was always enough for her. Not, apparently, anymore. Last night, I was informed of a change in the system.

Me and Clairey: *kiss* *kiss* "woo! woo!"

Clairey: "Mom, I have a new kiss."

Me: "No, you can't change up the kiss. This is how we've always done it."

Clairey: "No, it goes like this now: *kiss* *kiss* 'woo! woo! jazz hands! [making jazz hands]."

Me: "Um...jazz hands?"

Clairey: [looking at me like i'm a moron] "Yes. Jazz hands."

Me: "Okaaaaaaay."

Me and Clairey: *kiss* *kiss* "woo! woo! Jazz hands!" [except, I don't actually SAY 'jazz hands'--i just make them.]

Clairey: "NO. You have to SAY 'jazz hands.' But don't say it loud--kind of whisper it."

So, for all of you that are wondering, the proper kiss is now: *kiss* *kiss* "woo! woo! jazz handssssss!" [make jazz hands and whisper it theatrically.]

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Anonymous said...

stephanie I love it!!
Cal's kiss.. he turns over on his stomach to make it hard for me to kiss him... I kiss his cheek, then side hug him.. it has always been this way.. then as I walk out the door saying goodnight.. he says.. you forgot to kiss me.. aaggh!
van's.. he kisses, he hugs, then he holds my neck to him deeply and says - you cannot get away.. I eventually have to scrape my head out of his arms and say goodnight.. all followed with me walking down the stairs while they whisper don't let the bed bugs bite, love you, miss you, God bless you. Lola.... sweet girl.. she kisses me, hugs me, gets me to twirl her butterflies above her bed, tuck a book in her bed with her that she never uses and sits in the same spot til morning and then again still doesn't get used.. and I have to tuck an animal in as well. she plugs the thumb in, holds a corner of one of her six blankets and says good night mommy. THIS is why we don't have baby sitters come and put our kids to bed!! LOVE IT!