Dec 8, 2009


At some point, i'm going to have to listen to my peeps and publish a book of the funny shit Clairey says.

Last night, I was lying in bed with the girls (okay, actually, I fell asleep with the girls and stayed there all night), and they were chit-chatting about all the things little girls chit-chat about. Which, those of us with girls know, it's absolutely nothing. They just like to expend air and hear themselves talk.

All of a sudden, Clairey busts out with, "Nannie has a black soul." 'Nannie' is my ex-husband's mom. She's nice. I'm pretty sure her soul isn't black. Unless, of courses, she has some kind of back-history that none of us know about. Anyways, I say, "What?!" and Clairey says, "You know, because she smokes."
"So, you mean she has 'black lungs'," I say.
"Yeah, that," says Clairey.

Black lungs, black soul--it's all the same.

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