Jan 31, 2008

January wrap-up

Where the hell did this month go? Jeez almighty. So...January in review...this month:
  • We've decided that we're 90% sure that the pool pump is fubar. Our lovely pool has a minty green tinge and most likely is spawning some kind of flesh-eating disease.
  • Clairey has uttered the following: "To hell whichu," "Why's that man such a jackass?", "You're an asshole," and "Dammit!" I like to blame it on her father. I'm a fan of "bitch" and "ass," neither of which i've heard from her mouth.
  • Jenna tested for the gifted and talented program. Results to come...
  • Jenna hit some girl on the head because she wanted the orange crayon. I've told her to smack on the arm, NOT hit on the head; she just doesn't listen.
  • The cat puked on the new furniture. The cat almost had a new home in the above-mentioned pool.
  • I got a new account at work. It sucks.
  • One of my friends passed away.

Wow...here's to hoping February is better. BTW...SMM's birthday is on Feb. 1st. I've decided to market him as a cabana boy to bring in some extra money.


Kiki said...

Hey thanks for the comment on our Fat blog.

Meanwhile.. I think you're not "horribly" sarcastic. You're wonderfully, deliciously, diabolically sarcastic.

Good January post recap and here's to a bangin' Feb.

Bonjour. said...

I almost peed my pants when I read the wonderful things that Clairey is sprouting. Who knows what Reese will pick up--I try to watch my mouth, but sometimes things just slip out uncensored. The joys of motherhood.

Anonymous said...

sure, ex-es are always to blame... easy escape! what else?