Nov 1, 2007


Puss in Boots and Dorothy!

We had too much fun last night! The chicks trick-or-treated for a good hour and a half, and everyone loved their costumes. Jenna kept getting mistaken for Zorro, until they'd notice her face; everybody was ooh! and aaahhh-ing over Clairey. One woman said, "Oh, you make such a cute Raggedy Ann!" Claire looked at her and said, "My NOT Raggedy Ann! My Dorothy!!" Little body...BIG attitude!


Manic Mom said...


And you are the next featured blogger on Minutes With Manic!

Email me at if you want to play. And it's pretty cool that your name is stephanie too!

Manic Mom said...

Ack! You're not one for checking your comments every two minutes like me huh? Wanna play?

Fantastagirl said...

Adorable...doesn't even begin to describe it... Fantastic!

Manic Mom said...

OK! I'm back! I hope you're not in the hospital or anything?? !!

If you do want to play Minute with Manic, just still email me and I'll get you in on one of the days in November since you missed today (Friday)!

MonoCerdo said...

Ah! They are the cutest! You're awfully good with the face paint. Luckily, my cat already looks like a cat, so I didn't have to put much work into her costume.