Oct 4, 2006

Danny likes cold hair

Both of the girls take stuffed animals to bed with them. Wait...let me rephrase that: Clairey takes a stuffed animal to bed with her. Jenna takes any kind of random toy to bed with her. It's quite normal to pull back her covers and find a horse, a toothbrush, and a bandaid in bed with her. Never know--the horse could have had a fatal dental accident. Now Clairey...Clairey sleeps with Lambchop--the famed lamb from Sherry Lewis fame. However, her Lambchop is named "Danny." No idea where that came from. One night, when she was almost one, I said, "Clairey, do you want your lambie?" And she said, "NOT 'Lambie!' 'Danny!'" and it stuck. So Clairey sleeps with her Danny every night. There's nothing subtle about a 3-year old yelling, "Mommy! Where's Danny? Dan needs to come to bed!" I like how she's shortened it to 'Dan'--sounds much more macho.

The other night, I was lying in bed with the girls, and Danny (moved by Claire--he's not a possessed toy) gave me a kiss and said, "I love you, Stephanie" (Danny has a high-pitched, raspy voice). So I said, "I love you, too, Danny."

"Stephanie? You are Clairey's best mommy is this whole big world."

"Well, Danny, you can tell Clairey that she's the best three-year old in this whole big world."

"Stephanie...can I play with your cold hair?"

"Why Dan?"

"I love your cold hair. It's Clairey's favorite and my favorite."

So I'm thinking, "Oh great, she's got the stuffed lamb on the 'cold hair' bandwagon..."

"Why's it Clairey's favorite, Dan?"

"Because she likes it. It's cold and it makes her happy."

Now really...who can argue with a stuffed lamb?


OCSally said...

I now seems to have a hankering for mint jelly....curious. ;-)

Anonymous said...

i'd sleep with danny too.

i love lambchops on my groin.