Jul 27, 2006

I'm not winking at you...

Seriously, I'm not.

I've had a twitch near my right eye for FOUR weeks now. FOUR fricking weeks. It is the most annoying thing ever--except for maybe the person that gets in front of you at the grocery store and needs a price check on everything and then actually writes a check. Who the hell writes checks? But I digress. The eye is driving me insane. Everytime I think it's stopped, it starts again. I'm sure it's even twitching while i'm sleeping. Meanwhile, I have to deal with people staring at my eye while i'm talking to them.

Today, I was speaking with one of my coworkers, and she's just staring at me. Finally, she says, "What's up with your eye?" I'm in the middle of a never-ending winking session. I'm afraid that whichever muscle that is that's twitching, is going to become really buff. Much more buff than my other eye muscles. Then i'm going to have an eye that looks like it's on steriods--you know, from all that twitching.

I'm not sure what's causing it. Work has been extremely stressful for the past month, so that could be it. The girls have learned how to juggle cutlery, so THAT could be it. Then SMM and I have been discussing the "future." That could be it, too. Why is everything so stressful? So, this evening, in order to combat all this stress, I decided to ignore all stressful situations. I started by leaving work at 415 to go pick up the girls. Yes, they cause some stress, but I am happiest when the little heathens are with me. So, I picked up the girls. Then, in order to avoid any stress that I might incur from cooking turkey cutlets, we went out to dinner. Jenna's choice. She wanted sushi, so we went to this little seafood joint that close to home. The girls and I dined on edamame, sashimi, and a rainbow roll. The chicks look so cute using their little chopsticks (excuse me while I wipe a tear from my eye). I'm so glad that they're not as picky as their father. They were so well-behaved at the restaurant that we stopped at the "candy and medicine store" aka Walgreens, so they could pick out a treat. Yeah, i'm rewarding their good behavior with candy--call CPS. Then we came home and played "hide and seek" and "tag" for a good hour. There's nothing like breaking your own rules, and running through the house, leaping over beds and hiding in closets--it's so much fun. The three of us then got all cleaned up and in our jammies, and enjoyed our candy. You know what's funny? Kids and Hot Tamales. They so WANT to like them, but it's really not going to happen. Jenna kept asking, "When i open my mouth, is fire coming out?" Finally, we are finishing the evening by watching "Little Einsteins" together--all snuggled up in the bed.

No. Stress. Is. Good.


MommyKaty said...

So, in the wake of your stress-free evening did your eye stop twitching? No, I cannot imagine how annoying that must be because my eye twitched for a good week and half and I was ready to peel off the damned lid. That woulda looked gross, though.

And... tiny children who eat sushi? You know, Steph, if they didn't look so much like you, I'd be thinking maybe they were delivered by aliens. I gave my tiny child a bite of PERFECTLY delicious homemade corn fritter (made with fresh corn cut lovingly off the cob) tonight with a smear of sour cream on it and he nearly gagged. Sushi?! That'll be the day!

Jules said...

Steph - dude - it's fatigue.
Take a benadryl and have a glass of wine - get some sleep. I swear it'll be better.