Oct 14, 2005


My sister lives in Brooklyn. She is single, and is hot. It's a total "Sex in the City" scenario. What a bitch. I've been to NY once, and really, it was enough for me. As a germophobe, it's just not a place you want to be. The first time I ever rode on a subway was in NYC. Nothing like starting at the top, right? I was wearing my new leather jacket, and was totally grossed out with the prospect of sitting on a public subway, wherein, if I were to lean back against the seat, my lovely jacket would soak up all the germs into the leather. Totally grossed me out. I sat, straight-backed, for the majority of the ride. I'm sitting there, scoping out the ingrained filth, and the back door of the subway opens. In steps a man, I believe. At first glance, I thought it was some sort of marsupial escapee from the Bronx Zoo. He was tall, and very black. His mane/hair, was grey and extreme. It shot from his head like a halo--very Einsteinish. His face was hiding behind a thick, silver beard and mustache, which had, what appeared to be, mustard caked in it. He was carrying a popcorn cup, and was begging for change. He smelled of piss. It was gross. However, I couldn't help but notice how the people just ignored him. I followed suit, and ignored him, too.

That's the one thing I regret about that trip--that I ignored the life-size marsupial. I think about it all the time.

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TitanKT said...

I saw a similar human in a bus terminal in Alameda. I'm gonna go with "he" here... he was very tall, his hair was equally wild... it was this giant afroish spiky halo of matted filth surrounding his head... it really didn't even have the consistency of normal hair. He had on filthy jeans and a filthy jean jacket... on his bare chest was tattooed a giant zodiac wheel. He was not black, but his whiteness was indeterminate because he was so dirty. I can't remember if he had a beard or not, which is odd, you'd think I would remember. I want to say there was no beard. He was very exotic looking in a scary, dirty way. I think the cops came in and took him away.