May 19, 2009

The 1980s Hellhole Redo (Part 1--living room)

Okay, so i've posted pics up of the house remodel before. The thing is, is that it's SLOW going. I mean, damn, what were these people thinking?! So, without further ado:

The 1980s Hellhole Redo (Part 1)

The living room: I have no pictures of when we first moved in, because i was hyperventilating in the corner somewhere. But, here's the earliest pic I have. I want to say this was Day 2 we lived in the house.

(note: built-in shelves/cabinets on TOP of the hearth. Really?? I mean, seriously, people. Mantel that weighs more than my eldest child. Straw-yellow, painted paneling.)

Redo #1. Liveable, yes? Am i happy with, NO. I hate the beams, hate the brick, and the more i look at the wall color, the more i don't like it. I did, however, get rid of that paneling. I did a plaster-treatment right over it. Worked like magic, and gives it a beautiful old-world feel. Plus, i haven't found curtains i like.

Final redo: Buh-bye nasty beams! Wooo!! Also, we CENTERED the ceiling fan in the room! Also switched the furniture from the other living room to this living room. Painted the walls a darker color, added crown molding, and LOOK at that fireplace! We paid someone to rip out beams and sheetrock the top half of the fireplace. My husband did all the tilework and crown molding. Isn't he amazing? Yes, i think so, too. I'm thinking about artwork for over the tv.


JD said...

Steph, absolutely love the living room remodel photos. What a transformation.

I remember seeing the first living room pic way back when. I think the living room looks amazing, and I plan on showing the before, # 2 and final versions to DH in the morning, we were just talking about our living room, what it might need, and our plans over the next few months... this is definitely timely and inspiring. Thank you!!!!!

TitanKT said...

Oh, my goodness yes, it looks WAAAAYYYY better.