Jan 5, 2009

Stewbie needs....

So, I stole this post from Doomcake, who stole it from Em, who stole it from Greg. Go to Google, and type in, "[Your name] needs" and see what it comes up with. Looked like fun, and really, what better way to start of the New Year than with theft?

SO...what does Stewbie need?
  1. Stewbie needs better steriod testing.
    Yes, well. I've been meaning to bring my horrible steriod problem up on the blog, but i'm so ashamed...
  2. Stewbie needs a cervical cancer innoculation.
    No one can argue with that.
  3. Stewbie needs to be locked up from the crazy bitch from hell. Funny...i was just talking about a certain ex-wife and how she asks for MORE money for every.little.thing. I'm sure my exhusband (and his lovely wife) will shout a huge, "Amen!" to the fact that I am NOT greedy (and malevolent. Nor bitchy.)
  4. Stewbie needs a good shield, armor, and a good pair of boots.
    I used to, but my dragon-slaying days are over. Unless, of course, i need them to clean Clairey's room. In that case, donations of the above-listed items will be accepted.
  5. Stewbie needs to learn how to use one from scratch.
    "One" what? That's certainly subjective. The possibilities are endless.
  6. Stewbie needs others.
    Google has broken through my rough exterior straight to my heart. Thanks, Google.
  7. Stewbie needs specialist attention.
    Hah, we all already knew this. No surprise there!

Then it got boring, so i stopped.

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