Nov 17, 2008

My little sister is 30!

Nan turned 30 on November 6th... Welcome to your 30s!

The three of us. Such fine, strapping Irish kids. My parents should be proud. Just ignore my double-neck thing going on. Sheesh.

SMM and Johnny (Nan's husband):

Me and my seeester!

Of course, there are a million other photos. However, they are not all suitable for the web. :D


Anonymous said...

you guys look so much alike!!!! i love it!

Annie said...

wow so i'm just now seeing my comments and saw you left me one. Thanks girl! And please, stalk away! I will stalk you too :)

michelle g. said...

your hair's getting long!! been a while since i've seen you, eh?

TitanKT said...

Neither one of you look 30.