Nov 12, 2007

Designated driver

Being sober at 2am, whilst sitting in a crowded bar, is HILARIOUS. I should break that into syllables for emphasis: HI. LAR. I. OUS.

SMM and I went out on Saturday night--first, to a bar ALL the way over there--because SMM's friend's band was playing. So we drive out there, and some crappy band called, "Life of Riley" was playing. They were really bad. The only fun thing about them, is that we kept hearing a bass, yet we couldn't see one on stage--it was like hide-and-seek with instruments. Entertaining, yes, but not enough to keep us there. So, we got in the car, and drove ALL the way back to our side of town to go to our favorite bar, where a good band was playing. And yes, they were great. The music was fantastic and they were way entertaining. They played the theme song from "Fraggle Rock"--how cool is that? They also played some Micheal Jackson, at which point a 50-something guy got up and decided to dance. In the style of MJ himself. There were limbs flailing and shoes flying and crotch grabbing, and even some splits on the floor. It was TOO much. It was so much, in fact, that a drunken wedding reveler decided to try to one-up him. Now SHE was a beaut. Taller woman, probably in her early 40s, cute page-boy cut, slim, wearing a flapper-esque dress. She was shaking her thing like there was no tomorrow. She was really limby, so there were arms and legs everywhere. Everyone in the bar was laughing at her--really, how embarassing for her. I hope she woke up yesterday and remembered none of it.

Me and the SMM had a fabulous time--laughing and dancing and cavorting with other nice people.

For your viewing pleasure--me and Senor SMM before our night of revelry:

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Anonymous said...

I think you get sexier every time I see a picture of you!