May 18, 2007

Random thoughts

Ay yi yi. I am so glad that today is Friday, although I have a million things to do, and feel like doing none of them. It's 10:37am, and I've dropped off the kids, run the dishwasher, done a load of laundry, and consumed an obnoxiously large cup of coffee--for which I should take this opportunity to thank my husband's co-workers. They bought him a very girly coffee-mug for his birthday last year, and I love to use it--gracias. This year can you get him a new pair of Nikes? Size 6.5, please. Thanks.

The lawn needs to be mowed, which it really didn't look that bad, then our bastard neighbor mowed his now ours looks like crap. I'd go punch the neighbor but he's a really large black man that carries a weapon, but that's okay, because he's a po-po. I feel very safe here, because between large-neigbor man, and my husband, no one would dare try anything funny. SMM would jiu-jitsu someone to death, then large-neighbor man would shoot 'em just for fun. Can you tell I'm bored? Can you?

What else can I ramble about? Oh yes, tomorrow is Jenna's dance recital. Her first ever. I'm excited--these are the moments that mommies-of-girls dream about. She did fantastic at her dress rehearsal, so I can't wait for the real performance. She'll probably cop out and just stand up there sucking her fingers and twirling her hair, whilst the other children cha-cha slide around her. She's tapping to Pinocchio's "I've got no strings," ballet-ing to Peter Pan's "You can fly," and jazzing it up to the Lion King's "I just can't wait to be king." Of course, the Lion King one is her fave, and she's in the back. NICE. At her dress rehearsal, all the kids were just dancing, and Jenna had her eyes shut and was acting it out. So entertaining for the masses.

On Sunday I have my first step-son-centric activity: a cub scout picnic. We're supposed to bring a side dish. You would think this would be simple. I thought of a nice, italian noodle salad. That didn't seem to go over well. I don't think boys eat things like that. Then I thought of cute little sandwiches cut in flower shapes. Ha! No, not so much. I think I'll settle for bag of chips. I may even get Cheetos, since little boys always seem to have Cheeto-hands. I'm just going with what I know, people, and it ain't much. Chips are a side-dish, right? What the hell do you bring to a cub-scout picnic?! Couldn't they just have had a princess party and celebrated their "softer" sides? Anyways, it's at a great park, and it's supposed to be beautiful, so I can't wait to go. I love doing these "family" things where we have all the kids.



Manic Mom said...

OK, I'm reading this and I'm thinking, "Wow, I could totally be BFFs with this girl!" (except Swishy would be jealous!) Like you're just telling me about your day in your blog and we're sitting here drinking wine getting sloshed on a glorious Friday afternoon.

I never buy my kids cheetos UNLESS we are picnicing (or is it picnicking?) due to the orange-finger factor.

Your post had me CRACKING up! Also loved your comments on Manic Mom. Too bad I am not the judge for the contest! I'll have to check out your archives!!! Bye!

Manic Mom said...

Oh wait! And your name is mine too! I know I've been by here before. Why have I not hung out more!! See, now I'M PATHETIC! Missing out on this fun blog!