Feb 6, 2007

"To Hell and Back" or "The Night we had 5 Children"

A few weeks ago, okay, so maybe like a month ago, SMM and I had all of our kids, and then bravely took on one more. We figured, "We can't handle 4, so what's one more added to the mix?" Bwahahahahaha...

At the beginning of the evening, we had 5 children: Tyler (6), Jenna (5), Loo (4), Clairey (3), and Caeden (2). We tried to find a one-year old, but nobody had one available for rent. So, we did what any normal parents of 5 would do--poured large glasses of wine, put all the kids in the playroom, and told them to 'duke it out,' UFC style--last one standing gets some candy and the title of "SMH Featherweight Champion" (SMH=Sock Monkey Household).

In actuality, we piled them all in the playroom and turned on a movie. Here's the result:

From left to right: Clairey, Tyler, Caeden, Jenna, Loo
At this point, still willing to take pictures.

Clairey and Loo. "Here, Loo. Keep mom busy whilst
I fashion a sharp object from this lego."

The two newest additons to the "Chick Compound."

And here I am...dancing Cheetah girl!
The troops. Notice Clairey looking sensual for the camera.
The boys, giggling uncontrollably because they realize how much
their future step-mom rocks.

Claire: "Uh-oh, there's mom. I'm going to pretend I'm asleep.
I didn't do it! Caeden did it."
Loo: "I'll go to sleep for one-MILLION dollars! "
Jenna: "Bwahahah! Bwhahahaha! You look like Dr. Evil! Oh,
and I didn't do it. Caeden did."
Caeden: "WTF?"
Tyler: "Let me tell you exactly what happened,
play by play. First..."

Clairey: "I think she's falling for it."
Loo: "Damn, she suspects me!"
Jenna: "Fingers in, "Hoover-like" suction beginning."
Caeden: "If that woman wipes my nose one more time,
I'm outta here."
Tyler: [Out cold. Dreaming of chicken nuggets.]

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