Feb 6, 2007

March Madness

Wait...it's still February, but I have March on my mind. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you:
The house is going up for sale, I have a huge launch at work that's going to kick my ass, and I'm getting married. Oh yes, you read that right: I.AM.GETTING.MARRIED. On St. Patrick's Day. And I couldn't be more excited or more hopeful about me and the chicks' future!

So, back to February. It has been, thus far, a rather interesting month. First off, we have found out that Jenna, my boo-boo chicken, has Asperger's Syndrome. Technically, it's a high-functioning form of Autism which symptomatically shows high-intelligence, but poor social skills. So, in normal speak, my kid is brilliant, but is not good at parties. --sigh-- We're working on it. She has further testing on the 16th, in which they will let us know exactly how smart she is, and will hopefully, give us insight into when she's going to take over the world.

(pause).....(i just had to clean the cat litter. She took a dump and it the stench rivaled pure sulfur.)

So, ex-husband and I took the news quite well. SMM let out a sigh and said, "Well, THAT explains a lot!" As I think we all did. This "syndrome" also offers great insight into Jenna's obsessions with certain things; as in, for instance, the CHEETAH. And, oh yes, it must be capitalized in this house because the CHEETAH is loved so very much. You have never seen CHEETAH-adoration like you will see in this house. Not only does Jenna love the CHEETAH, she simply adores it, and wants to BE it. SMM and I spend many a night yelling to the playroom, "Jenna! Quit rowring!" Because, of course, she is a CHEETAH. My one wish is that the CHEETAH would go to bed at a respectable hour, because 10 o'clock is too late for the CHEETAH, and it's too late for Clairey (the non-CHEETAH).

[In case you missed it: I'm getting married in 39 days!]

With love,
The CHEETAH mother

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Anonymous said...

I heard the news from Nan! I'm thrilled for you and I'm glad to hear that you have found your true happiness. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.