Mar 9, 2006

Oh, how I have missed you all

Hello! Hello internet! Did you miss me? I missed you! I have been very busy, I have been:

* Attending Pampered Chef parties
* Braiding little neighbor girls' hair
* Explaining why I can't braid hair that is only 3 inches long
* Moving a really fricking heavy deck
* Shopping for a playset for the kiddos
* Buying a playset for the kiddos
* Redecorating the house
* Frequenting Starbucks, or "the coffee store," as the chicks call it

See? I have been busy! Busy, busy, busy!! Me and my boyfriend--okay, I can't do it, "boyfriend" is so juvenile--me and "the man who bought me my first sock monkey" have been painting and recovering and erecting (he, he...I said "erecting")and painting some more and faux finishing and staining and moving furniture like crazy people. The man who bought me my first sock monkey has bestowed patience like no other upon me. Even when I messed up three walls at once with a faux-finishing technique that LOOKED LIKE ASS, he laughed and said it was no big deal, that he would repaint all the walls. Can you believe? SO PATIENT. Then the man that bought me my first sock monkey jerkily walked into the back room, and I heard loud grunts, banging, and some muffled screaming, but I'm sure he was just working out or something. But the house looks fantastic! It looks totally different and has a totally different style and feel to it. It is so awesome. In fact, we have SO killed it*, that maybe--just maybe--I will post pictures one day. I have to finish it first.

*Slang word of the day: Kill it. 1: to do a good job, perform well.


Nik said...

Ohooooo....I cant wait to come and see....probably Christmas when Nan is home. hahaha...that's the only time I come over.

jeni said...

yipeee for you, steph!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Red said...

I can't believe I'm still up. Did you go visit me yet? I found 2 blogs that I COULD post from the old blogsite. Yeah, couldn't post those about getting layed.....haha. Even though I'm going through a fricken dry least until August that is. ;-)

This is really bad, I'm watching infomercials right now and they are actually making me want to buy the products. Time to take a shower and go to bed for sure now.

Rachel said...

I just noticed that I unconsciously use your kill it phrase. For example, in thinking about how much I've got to work out to look good for an upcoming event, I said, "I've got to kill it this month". I immediately thought of you. Thank you Steph.

amy said...

You did "kill it"! I can't wait to see the finished product.

Loo loved the braids in her hair - thanks :)