Mar 30, 2006

The. Joy. of. it. all.

It's been raining here for nearly a week. The kids keep asking to go outside and, I'm sorry, but seeing that there's a large mud-pit in the backyard, NO. "We won't play in the mud!" they beg....SURE.

In other news, the sock-monkey man has just had a run of bad luck. He's in the longest divorce ever, he lost his job, then his grandmother died this morning. Really, people, say prayers or wish nice things on him, please.

I've been in training for work all week. NOT FUN. I hate coming into the office everyday--I know...whine, whine, whine. But when you get used to working from home, it's hard to go to the office.


jeni said...

awww, steph. i'm sorry about the swock monkey guy's troubles. i will definately be thinking of him and his family.

on the other hand. why won't you just let them get in the damn pit? they'll wash. trust me. :)))

Rachel said...

I know why... ring worms. Not fun and very contagious.

*prayers* for SMM.

titankt said...

Sock Monkey Man... best wishes for happier days! That's too much at once.

Anonymous said...

It always comes in tree... so he may be done...