Jan 6, 2006

Resolutions, Smezolutions

I really don't make New Year's resolutions anymore. Really, it's a waste of my time. I have no idea why I ever did it in the first place. Everyone makes incomprehensible resolutions such as, "I'll lose 50 pounds!" and "I'll be a happier person." Let me tell you something, you're gonna lose 40 and gain 70; and you'll never be happy, because you're just a self-deprecating loser. No, I'm not bitter. Not bitter at all.

Here are my resolutions: (yeah, I said I wasn't going to make any, but this is me and I can do what I want. So there.)

Stewbie's 2006 New Year's Resolutions

1. I will lose weight. Then I will gain it back. Then I will lose it again. Then I will gain it all back between Halloween and Christmas and I will start over again in January.




Okay, so I couldn't think of any others. Something about not buying shoes popped into my head, but then I started laughing uncontrollably and lost all thought processes.


amy said...

"Not buy shoes"???

What would you have to live for then?

Trinity13 said...

Sounds like my resolution. If I'm not on a diet, I automaticly gain weight. I lose 50 pounds the beginning of the year, then add it all back on again by the time Cmas is over. Then start again in Jan...it never ends!!!