Aug 24, 2005

Obviously bored

The 100 list:

1. My hair used to be a lot more red than it is now.
2. I'm thinking about a date with Clairol.
3. I like short hair on women. I think it makes them look more confident.
4. I have short hair.
5. I'm not very confident.
6. I hate my nose.
7. If I ever meet the plastic surgeon that "fixed" my nose, I hope it's in a dark alley, and I have a tire iron with me.
8. I can change a flat tire.
9. But my husband won't let that happen.
10.I also know how to change the oil, jump start a car, and pop the clutch.
11. If my husband or my dad are around, I pretend I don't know how.
12. I don't know how to ride a bicycle very well.
13. I can't remember if I've every told you about my bicycle adventures.
14. I've had lots of adventures.
15. 99% of those adventures have been with my husband.
16. I'm a flirt.
17. My husband knows I'm a flirt--how do you think I reeled him in? haha.
18. I hate fishing.
19. I hate it when my husband goes fishing.
20. I love affection.
21. I'm a very huggy/kissy person.
22. I always hug or kiss my friends goodbye.
23. Men get kissed on the cheek--unless they're really, really good friends or family that I can peck on the lips.
24. Those men are few and far between.
25. I don't like anything that's few and far between.
26. With two young children, EVERYTHING is few and far between, if you know what I mean.
27. I miss the highschool days of just "making out." Wasn't that fun?
28. Me and Scott used to "make out" in his dad's truck. Sssshhhh!!
29. We did other things in that truck, too.
30. I love attention.
31. Attention makes me uncomfortable.
32. I like it when my husband notices another man looking at me.
33. If I notice that, I lay a smooch on my husband.
34. I love Irish pubs.
35. Guiness is my favorite beer.
36. Guiness is really the only beer I truly like.
37. Right now, I'm hooked on mojitos.
38. I used to be a lush.
39. I'm not a lush anymore. (I have kids, people!)
40. I think "Arctic Shatter" Powerade tastes like pool water.
41. I love to swim in pools.
42. Naked.
43. I'm trying to talk my husband into going to a nude resort.
44. I think that would be freeing.
45. If clothes were optional, I'd be happy.
46. I'm happiest when I wake up before my kids, and I can just lie there and smooth back their curls and watch them breathe...because 9 out of 10 nights, they're in our bed.
47. I'd love to have a night of sleep without the kids in our bed.
48. I'd like to have a night of sleep with no one in the bed.
49. I'd like to have a night of sleep with someone from my "list."
50. Nick Lachey is the newest member on my "list."
51. Sean Connery is the oldest.
52. I have a thing for older men.
53. I also have a thing for bald, goateed, rough-looking men.
54. My husband is all of the above.
55. I often have dreams that I'm a lesbian and/or a swinger.
56. I have the WEIRDEST dreams.
57. My dreams are always entertaining.
58. I used to want to be an actress.
59. Sometimes, I think I still do.
60. I rarely get embarrassed.
61. I'm a bitch to play "Truth or Dare" with, because I'll do anything.
62. I love games.
63. I'm a Scrabble queen.
64. I'm also pretty good at Trivial Pursuit.
65. I'm well read.
66. My favorite area of literature is British Literature.
67. My favorite type is pastoral.
68. I love, love, love Thomas Hardy.
69. I can't stand Joseph Conrad.
70. I love Shakespeare.
71. I adore poetry.
72. If a man were to recite poetry to me, I think I might die.
73. Smart men totally turn me on.
74. My husband's brilliant.
75. A perfect evening out would be me and my husband, some close friends, a dark pub, and good wine and other drinks.
76. I'm not a big drinker.
77. I'm a total fan of great red wine.
76. The best red wine I've ever had has been from a vineyard in Washington state (isn't that crazy?).
77. I've only drank enough to puke once. I was in 10th grade, and I drank a small bottle of vodka.
78. That was my first and last drink--until I started dating my husband.
79. I used to buy beer for my friends, because the guy at the counter would sell it to me.
80. I will beat my girls if they ever do that.
81. Spanking isn't all that bad.
82. I'm not talking about disciplining your kids.
83. I laugh at myself.
84. I'm still laughing.
85. I bought a new car a couple of weeks ago. I traded in the "family car" and came home with something totally sporty, and kick-ass, and fun.
86. I love to have a good time.
87. My mom taught me how to have a good time.
88. I love my mom more than words could ever describe.
89. I hope that my girls love me like I love my mom.
90. I bite my nails.
91. If something is really, really funny, i've been known to snort.
92. Speaking of snorting, I've NEVER done any kind of illegal drug.
93. I've always wanted to try pot.
94. I make excellent chicken pot pie.
95. I also make excellent enchiladas, pot roast, and lasagne. That's about it.
96. My favorite part(s) of my body are my feet.
97. I also really like my mouth.
98. I love whipped cream. The kind that's in the spray bottle.
99. I'm a sucker for a good dessert.
100. I love being me.

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