Jun 13, 2005

30-something slumber party

Sleepovers at 12 years old are fun. Sleepovers at 16 are hilarious. Sleepovers at 30 are the best ever.

On Saturday, my family was hanging out at our "home away from home" (my best friend's house), grilling up Scott's latest kill (redfish). As the evening came to a close, Angel and I decided that her husband should go home with my husband and kids, and we could just have a slumber party. They husbands weren't too thrilled with the idea. Okay, MY husband wasn't too thrilled with the idea, since he's way too familiar with how our children do not sleep. However, we somehow talked them into this, and around 830pm, her kids were asleep, mine were gone, and we were completely husbandless. So, we did what any crazy 30-something would do when left alone with sleeping kids and no husbands: WE WENT TO SLEEP. Because that's every mother's dream: to go to sleep before midnight.

I guess I should clear something up--we TRIED to go to sleep. As soon as we got under the covers, we realized something pretty darn quickly. No matter how old you are, as soon as you have a sleepover with your best friend, you turn into a 16-year old. We stayed up until midnight, laughing and giggling like little kids.

Angel fell asleep first. I wanted to put toothpaste in her bra and freeze it, but I refrained.

Man. That was fun.


steelcowboy said...

Simple pleasures are simply the best :)

Robin said...

Ah, to be 16 and carefree for just one more day! I can't remember the last time I giggled!!

Lisa said...

You are SO right! My friend and I did this once and we almost peed our pants, we laughed so hard. We keep saying we need to do it more often but of course, haven't done it since that 1 night.

void said...

You had me laughing just reading about it - life is good!